Whoever approached Professor Georges Rhin, or better, worked with him, could only have been startled by the remarkable quality of his personality which shows an amazing number of aptitudes rarely combined in a single person.

    In research, he expressed his talents in various fields such as diophantine approximation, arithmetic of certain multiple integrals linked to polylogarithms and families of polynomials with integer coefficients having small measure (Mahler's measure, house, diameter).
    He was also intensely involved in administrative responsabilities. He was Vice President of the directorate of the Paul Verlaine University - Metz for almost twenty years, director of the Department of Mathematics, the Center of the Data-processing Resources of our University and on a national scale, President of the National Council of Universities.

    During his entire career, Georges Rhin was able to combine very fine intuition, a great sense of rigour and analysis, and a natural affability which made him a colleague of great experience to whom a large number of us came for listening and advice, a very sought-after collaborator and an example for all young researchers.
    For all these reasons, national and international arithmetic community, and, more locally, Paul Verlaine University - Metz and our mathematics laboratory and department, owe a great deal to Georges. In consequence, we are happy to testify here to our respect and admiration for him, and our attachment to all that he represents for us all.